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Premium Home Comfort


Premium Home Comfort

We spent most of our time at home. Paps provide you with unique level of comfort. Enjoy every moment and every step.

Medical Device

Paps BASIC/CLASSIC/KIDS and IS 00189 Insoles are registerd in EU as Medical Devices (class I rule 1). Protect and cure feets.

Eco Product

Sustainable production, natural and recycled materials. Enjoy comfort, think about environment.

discover unique comfort

your feet have never been so well

We collect our long experinece to create unique product.

Close collaboration with podiatrists, orthopedic techniques and other specialist gives as base that was Paps fundation.

Product is recomnended both to those who don’t feel feets pain – but wants to prevents future problems, and those who suffer from foot problems already (rheumatoid arthritis, flat foot, heel spur).

Sensitive feets owners (diabetics, neuropathy) are a large group that we were thinking of when Paps was created.

Real comfort is not only wearing convenience and medical features. It is a environmental awareness also. Production of purchase product did not create excessive invironment impact.





See, what our customers think about Paps

I loved them just after trying them on. I never realized that walking bare feet on hard floor is simply not healthy for my feet.

Piotr z Warszawy

They are just amazing. After a long day at work I can’t wait to put them on and feel the relaxation in my feet.

Kasia S.

I bought by first pair of Paps 8 years ago. I use they everyday. Amazing quality and durability.


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